Filam Creative Blooms

Tuesday August 1, 2017

Filam Creative has been in the community for eight years now. According to its executive director, Meriden Villanueva who is a full time actor, FilAm Creative is a grassroots movement of filmmakers, writers, producers, actors and creative artists that aims to involve and make positive representations on television, film and other media platforms in Hollywood. She further states that one of the biggest goals of the organization is to push for more engagement and collaborations within the community. “It’s important to have a strong leadership foundation to provide a variety of resources, workshops, panels and networking opportunities for its artistic members,” Villanueva said. The branch of FilAm Creative that focuses on entertainment is, FILAM CREATIONS. Al Domino who works in the industry reveals that it has inspired him to explore the creative venues of filmmaking in the light of his Filipino heritage. He considers FilAm Creations as family and part of his lifestyle.“Initially, I was just hoping to just hang out with a couple of people and maybe talk about films, while enjoying adobo and lumpia. In a short span of time, I have found genuine friendship, fellowship and closeness among the actors and members of the organization. Before I knew it, I was also involved in making six short films for the Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival, with very talented actors, production crew, not to mention being a team leader for the subgroup scriptwriting program,” Al confessed. Once a month, FilAm Creations meets at the Pilipino Worker Center at Filipino Historic Town, members bring food and refreshments in the typical Filipino potluck family atmosphere. This group is serious as it has to be. Craig Wilson who is in charge of submitting short films for the opening night of the Los Angeles Philippine International...... Read more on Full Issue!

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