Sunday July 1, 2018

Gary Harvey is a well known Canadian film Director. He has worked on over 400 episodes of various television series and numerous films.

He believes in the medium of storytelling to help shift perspectives in a way that can better our world and our individual lives. “Film is a powerful medium that has the power to entertain as well as teach.”

Four years ago Gary was diagnosed with cancer and underwent extensive surgery. “I lost my tongue. I have re-trained myself to talk and forced myself back into work. In a job where my communication is my main tool, I’ve been challenged to re-think how I do what I do.”

Throughout that journey he had amazing people in his corner. Along with his family there was Peter Mitchell, the showrunner for Murdoch Mysteries. “Within a day of my surgery, he vowed he’d have my back, and he did without hesitation.” His friend believed in him and he attributes this belief to giving him the confidence to get back into the workforce and do what he loves. He also believes that this beautiful act gave other people the confidence to also get into his corner and have his back. With a surgery that so challenges people’s way of thinking. To throw people into the unknown and asking questions like “will his work be the same?” “How am I going to react?” “Will he be able to do his job at the same caliber?” It’s people like Peter, together with Gary that smash through limiting perceptions, and make being uncomfortable something that is manageable.

The industry would be a little less bright without Gary in it, he is constantly challenging his actors to be better. “I push people to be their best and I am not willing to accept complacency.” He is a Disruptor in his own right because he doesn’t limit himself in what he does. His cancer and surgery has definitely changed a lot of his own perceptions and he attributes one of the single most challenging experiences he has ever experienced, to him being a better person. A more present person. “I have become a person I cannot imagine I would have ever become were it not for these life trials. With the perspective I now have, it has allowed me to be more present than I have ever been. It has made me, almost without exception, better. I now know that the present is all that matters as it relates to my life and my interactions with others.”

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