Ballast Point Brewery

Sunday October 1, 2017

For the Love of Beer

Time sure flies when you’re having fun!… Two more months and it’s almost Christmas. We’re in the month of October where people celebrate Halloween, get dressed up in their costumes and go trick or treating. Aside from Halloween we have the Oktoberfest bringing in a bit of Germany in Los Angeles. It’s an autumn festival held in Munich, Germany in late September and early October featuring drinking of Beer.

For all the beer lovers out there… Here’s one place you wouldn’t want to miss dining in. It’s a place we discovered on a labor day weekend in Miramar, San Diego when we were scouting out for a casual place to dine that had a cool bar and a restaurant serving delicious food. Ballast Point Brewery is rated as 4.6 stars and is truly fitting for a large group setting for an even wholesome late lunch and early dinner which Ballast has a lot to offer.

Ballast Point Brewery was founded by Jack White and his college roommate named Pete A’ Hearn both had passion for beer began home brewing at their UCLA apartment. Their small group of brewers wanted to find a perfect balance of taste and aroma resulting in a better beer. Jack White opened a Home Brew Mart in 1992 which was filled with supplies and ingredients to making a better beer at home for every brewer. Jack White wanted to bring brewery to a “pro level” and Pete A’ Hearn graduated with a Master Brewer’s Certificate bringing their hobby and dream to realty. They found a collaborator by the name of Yuseff Cherney, who became part of the team which opened the “Back Room” brewery behind their shop. Thus, Ballast Point evolved in 1996.

Ballast Point grew in 2004, moved to a Scripps Ranch for a larger production working around the clock meeting the demands of beer. Ballast opened its third location in San Diego’s Little Italy which serves as a lab, a brewery, tasting room and restaurant. Mid 2014 brought about the construction of Miramar as the new brewery headquarters. Ballast Point’s mission is to continue growing and doing what they love which is making what they love to drink.

Ballast Point Brewery has 7 locations where you can tour the brewery, taste beer, fill a growler (can/pitcher) or a keg(a small barrel less than 30 gallons) of beer. Visit their website for more info:

I give Ballast Point Brewery a two thumbs up for great service, delicious food new to the palate, wide range of ale or beer plus a casual ambiance with a pleasing atmosphere whether indoor or outdoor. To visit the Miramar location in San Diego, it’s located at: Ballast Point Brewery 9045 Carroll Way San Diego CA 92121 (858) 790-6901

*Tasting Room Hours* Mon-Thurs 11am-11pm Fri & Sat 11am-12am Sunday 10am-12am (Sunday Brunch Served 10am-3pm) Photos: Paparazzcel

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