An Interview With Sylvia Zamora Street Photographer Our Pinoy Pride In Nyc

Friday November 1, 2019

By: Audrey Dattalo In the late 90’s, the male-dominated film and advertising industry of the Philippines recognized Sylvia Zamora as the First Female Camera Person in Animation and eventually the First Female Director of Photography (Cinematography) in the country. Her trailblazing attitude and commitment to excellence garnered her the Best in Cinematography for Public National Awareness TV Commercials in her first year of training. Her success in this field paved the way for other females to pursue a career in cinematography. When she moved to New York City 14 years ago, the energy and diversity of the city ignited her passion for Street Photography. After purchasing her iPhone X last year, Sylvia is once again challenging the myth that only DSLR photos are worthy for entries to competitions. As a street photographer/artist, she is one of social media’s shining stars in Facebook photography groups and Instagram street photography hubs. She competes head on with DSLR entries and wins competitions, frequently gets featured in group covers and just recently, a winner of the Master Class Competition for International Amateur Street Photography. After racking up awards practically on a daily basis, her followers/ fans no longer apologize for posting “just an iphone or mobile photo”. As a Psych major at heart, I was excited to be able to get to know the woman behind the lens. I wanted to know what, why and how she is able to pack a dramatic and emotional punch in every cell phone image she captures. As a photographer, I feel very privileged to have someone like Sylvia Zamora to inspire me in my own photographic journey. Audrey Dattalo: Which of your photo would you consider represents you as an artist the most? Why? Sylvia Zamora: What would represent me the most...... Read more on Full Issue!

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