Alcove Cafe and Bakery

Sunday November 4, 2018

Autumn has arrived in Cali which means cool sweater days. Can't believe we're already on the month of October and Christmas is two months away. Time sure flies! I sure had a great summer. Hope you all did too. Will be missing the warm summer months for sure. Though glad to be back doing reviews after a few months being away on a project. So let's start reviews on DineTravelinStyle!... Last spring my associates and I wanted to meet halfway for a late night dinner in LA for a production meeting. As a food-event blogger, it's always nice to find something new to dine anywhere in LA. A friend of ours had suggested Alcove Cafe & Bakery. As we came to park by the street in front of the cafe, there's the valet guy. It's about $6.00 to park valet, but you can actually park on metered streets or at other neighboring streets with no charge. Be sure to read road signs before you park. You are bound to get a ticket in LA if you're not careful. Already, I loved the outdoor feel of the Cafe with it's garden like setting, patios, dainty flowers, old trees and tree lights. As you walk in you have to fall in line to order food & drinks. You bring your drinks to the table of your choice or to the bar and you're given a number so that the server can bring your food once its ready. You can dine outdoors, indoors and at the bar. Alcove Cafe serves American classics using the freshest ingredients, products that are local and organic, proteins raised in cage-free and grain-fed and non GMO corn-fed environments when available. Drinks at the bar are hand crafted cocktails prepared with fine spirits, fine...... Read more on Full Issue!

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