Aiza Diuco: White is Beautiful

Sunday September 1, 2019

By: Mayenne Carmona


When your fate is written in the stars, the universe has a way of leading you to your destination no matter how many detours and stopovers you make. It could take years to reach your destined place in life but God’s timing is always perfect.

Case in point is this month ‘s cover girl, attractive fashionista Aiza Diuco who thought she wanted to be a Diplomat as her chosen career. She was a consistent honor student at Miriam College all the way to High School and College where she graduated at the top of her class in Liberal Arts, majoring in International Studies. Diuco took her academic achievement a step higher with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations at UP Diliman where she was a university scholar. Instead of pursuing a career in foreign service, her life’s journey propelled her towards another direction. After testing the waters working for Sara Lee as Sales Training Supervisor, then as Executive Assistant to Commissioner Jose F. Erestain and Consultant to various firms in Organizational Development & Human Resources, she decided to join her father’s company where she worked in different departments in the span of ten years. Under the tutelage of her father and her older brother, she acquired her entrepreneurial skills. Today, Aiza Diuco is the CEO of her own company, Age Defying Solutions Philippines Corporation (Adsphil), the leading manufacturer of skin whitening products in the Philippines.


Aiza Diuco has an aunt in the USA who was constantly asking her for skin whitening soap. At that time, there was only papaya skin whitening soap in the market which Aiza would send her. When glutathione skin whitening soap and gluta pills flooded the market, she sent them to her aunt as well. Auntie wanted to know which was a more effective skin whitener-papaya or Glutathione? Aiza Diuco did not have the answer. The researcher that is imbued in her character took over and after intensive research she concluded that papaya and glutathione have different roles in skin whitening, but should be more potent when combined together in one product. Papaya is an exfoliant and peels off dead skin cells, exposing fairer & fresher skin. But how do you maintain the white skin after exfoliation? Because when exposed to the sun, brown spots called melanin appear. She found the solution in Glutathione which is an agent that prevents melanin formation. So, papaya plus glutathione make a powerful skin whitening product. The absence of one will make the whitening process slower and ineffective. Armed with this knowledge, she decided to put to good use her entrepreneurial skills. She hired a chemist & a pharmacist to experiment & develop the product. Further research led her to discover that Filipinos are obsessed with skin whitening products. Along the way, she had the formulation patented to protect her intellectual property. It made sense to have it patented because Glupa is the only skin whitening product in the world that has a unique combination of papaya & glutathione.

Choosing an effective endorser for Glupa was challenging because of budget constraints. Top celebrities charge an eyeful which her start-up company could not afford. She did not wish to hire a young, fair skinned endorser who will claim that Glupa whitened her skin as that would be deceiving the public. She thought of Boy Abunda, who is not fair-skinned and would seem more credible. Boy Abunda had a popular talk show, The Buzz. Abunda was the number 2 most effective endorser ten years ago when Diuco was starting her company, the number one being Kris Aquino. After trying the Glupa soap and cream, Boy Abunda’s cheeks had a pinkish hue. Seeing the good results on his skin, he agreed to endorse Glupa products which boosted the sales of the company.


Aiza Diuco’s goal is for Glupa to be the first brand of choice when it comes to skin whitening. Glutathione & Papaya, the most powerful combination to skin whitening, should be the consumers’ requirement when it comes to skin whitening. She also set a business goal of making Glupa available in all beauty stores and drugstore chains nationwide. Although she was fully aware that the market was saturated with skin whitening products, she was confident that Glupa’s unique formulation could compete with all the skin whitening products out there. She set a monthly sales quota, a sales force to implement it and a team to support it. Her company reached her quota and more, paid off its bank loan in less than 3 years and grew at a steady pace. On its fourth year, Glupa entered the export market and was exported to the Middle East, Malaysia, San Francisco, South Africa, Japan, Europe. Exportation is 60% of the company’s business. From 2 employees, Adsphil, which just celebrated its tenth year, now employs more than 20 skilled and talented management, staff and sales team.


Realizing that men are just as vain as women when it concerns skin care, Diuco came up with skin whitening products to cater to the male market. Her products for men include Glupa whitening soap, (using green papaya which is more effective for the male skin), Glupa whitening creams & Glupa Skin Solutions Plus to provide solution to those with oily and acneprone skin.


To cater to the “mature “ market, Glupa Age Defying Solutions will be launched this September. The products will contain anti-wrinkle ingredients as well as collagen & hyaluronic acid, both good lubricants for the skin and joints. The Glupa Radish Line, also for whitening, will hit the market soon as well as Glupa Feminine Wash for Lightening and Tightening and Glupa Masculine Wash. Glupa’s unique logo- the white and orange spheres merging will be maintained in all the products as well as the black packaging which distinguishes Glupa from all the other skin whitening products which are in white or colorful packaging. Black has that look of “premiumness” Diuco states.


“ I have learned that in order for you to sustain your presence in the market, you have to maintain the high quality of your product. We sustain the quality by using only the purest natural and high-quality ingredients for Glupa products. We should also be flexible and relevant with the market’s needs.

The most important lesson I learned is this: even if you have the best product, most comprehensive Business Plan and most creative Marketing plan, but if you don’t have the quality people to sell your highquality products and implement all your plans, everything comes to naught. Thus, I have always believed that the human resource is the best asset of a company and if you want to succeed, you have to empower your human resources.


Having a product of real value is my secret to success. I think it has addressed the unending search of consumers for skin whitening products with the fastest result. I will continue to maintain its quality and diversify by introducing other Glupa products in the market to address the changing needs of the consumers.

Let me walk you thru another major secret to my success. I plan and research but before I implement or decide on something, I pray. I find meditative value in praying because it calms me, helps me organize my thoughts and feelings, makes me think better, grounds my soul so I can deal with people and challenges in a strong, calm and centered manner. Business can be tough but daily prayer helps me to focus on what really matters and maintain a positive mind and soul.

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