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The Evolution of Manila Up! International

As with most new beginnings, a new year makes it an opportune time for another start. Here at Manila Up! International Magazine, the focus was to expand the platform to further the interactive modality of our objectives through print media. Further along, we find ourselves at the helm of another medium, that of television. Welcome Manila Up! International TV Entertainment! The seed of this project came about as the magazine spread its wings    around the globe. Aside from our contributing writers for many places, readers were quick to learn that our embrace reached far and wide into the realm of other cultures, thus, an avenue opened up in our path. The programming is vast and covers varied aspects of life and lifestyles amidst the incubator of the American dream.

 We set our sights high into the world of television and envision opportunities to help our “kababayans” and our kin of other humans in this home we call the Earth.

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