Saturday July 1, 2023

By Mark Anthony King and Melody Garcia SOUL SCRIPT Candid conversations with Sir Daniel Winn in the Genesis and Truth behind the Scenes “Creation,” the silent film that has now sealed part of the incredible legacy that Sir Daniel Winn has beautifully created, captures and disseminates yet again to the world his vision, this time in the fashion of a short film that challenged those involved into new levels of creativity and deeper depths of artistic ability that obliterates the poignancy of reflection in both the parallels presented: The endings that create new beginnings. Released in the United States in November 2022, the film was produced by Emmy-winning producer Georges N. Chamchoum and directed by Angel E. Vera of vera ONE productions. It has since won Best Short Film at the Montreal Shorts, Best Cinematography at the Venice Short Film Festival, and Best Long Short Form Short Film at the Experimental Dance & Music Film Festival. Both Melody and I had the privilege of meeting up once again with Sir Daniel Winn and are deeply honored in the trust he has given both of us to be able to peer behind the curtain of this film that was based on the vision, purpose, heart, transparency, and vulnerability of this world-renowned artist whom we’ve been blessed to call friend. Let’s start off by picking up from where we last left off: his Exquisite International Magazine article co-written by us which featured with three different covers. For any readers coming across this incredible man’s name for the first time, allow us to give you a front seat view. Who is Sir Daniel Winn? We can call him a sage, which by definition is a fascinating character who plays an integral role in every culture since the beginning of time....... Read more on Full Issue!

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