Immigration Changes Under The New Trump Administration

Friday September 1, 2017

Many people have been asking questions about what has changed with immigration under President Trump. There have been only a few changes so far, but we believe many more are coming soon. So far the biggest change is the deportation policy. Under President Obama, people who were non-criminals and caught by immigration were able to get their deportation cases closed through the policy of prosecutorial discretion. Under this policy, immigration would look at the whether the person had any ties to the United States and other positive contributions, and thus weigh those positives against any negatives such as criminal convictions and often stop the deportation if the positives outweighed the negatives. Under Trump, this policy which is called“prosecutorial discretion” has stopped. This means that anyone caught by immigration with even with a traffic ticket (or nothing at all) could be placed into deportation proceedings and deported if they are out of legal status.

Another major change we’ve under President Trump is serious delays in immigration cases. For example, under President Obama, if a citizen married an immigrant in the USA and filed a petition, the immigrant could get to work card in about three months. This is now taking at least five or six months. There are even delays in issuing receipts in immigration cases.

What’s clear from all this is that the Trump administration has not put a lot of resources into deciding immigration cases for people trying to immigrate legally. This makes sense since President Trump just proposed new laws that would even further limit the already backed up immigration system.

Finally, President Trump has put a lot of resources into executing By Robert Perkins, Esq. IMMIGRATION PROFESSOR’S CORNERdeportation orders, i.e., finding people that have already gone through the deportation process in front of a judge and not being allowed to stay. In several cases, immigration agents have raided the homes and workplaces of people with these orders.

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