Saturday July 1, 2023

By Nikki Arriola   We, the Asian American Press Club of the U.S., condemn the wrong that has been done to one of our own AAPCUS family members, our president Nicanor “Nikki” Arriola and his wife. On the afternoon of February 1st, 2023, while on a leisure trip at the Capitol premises in Sacramento, California, both he and his wife were attacked and beaten by a stranger. The initial premise is that the perpetrator was after his camera equipment. As we all know, Nikki’s camera represents his profession, personhood, and his livelihood. He did what any human being would have done. He protected his prized possession with his life. While wearing his media badge and fighting with all his might until he couldn’t, he dropped his camera giving the perpetrator the ultimate opportunity to take it - but he did not. Video recording taken by a credible witness shows them leaving the equipment behind as they drove off in their getaway car, narrowly missing Nikki’s wife. The official police report has not been released, thus the delay in providing this statement. We feel however that we cannot wait any longer and promise to do what we can for this couple while we await any formal charges to be filed against the assailant. We solidly stand behind Nikki Arriola and will do all we can to give him the justice he deserves. Together with the Roques and the Lai family, Nikki and his wife have now become victims of hate incidents that have turned into hate crimes. We thank you all for your anticipated support in any shape or form during these trying times. We appeal that you stand with the Roques on April 4, 2023 at the Van Nuys Court courtyard area and continue to...... Read more on Full Issue!

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