An Album Born of Love: MIA MAHAL GOES “BACK TO ME”

Thursday December 1, 2022

By: Naiia Lajoie Main Photographer: Jaime Lim of Liquid Star Photography | Designer: Kiki Wang /Jacob Mier (For the Stars Fashion House) Photographer: Vivian Quintanilla | Hair: Julie Rackstraw Make Up: Michelle Dias | Creative Directors: Lulu Williams Though the topic of Covid-19 continues to be exacerbated in the news, there is no denying that in the 2 years of lockdowns, restrictions, and mandates, magic has also been created. Such is the case with Mia Mahal, a musician who – like so many others in quarantine – journeyed through introspection to come out of the pandemic not only unscathed, but reborn. In pre-pandemic times, Mia and her husband started two healthcare companies. With her overseeing the administrative side, him being on the clinical side, and juggling parenting duties raising their kids – needless to say, it was a full schedule. Mia made the decision to revisit her music career, launched prior to having children. Though very vested in her family, one of her first passions was music. She was a performer all her life, but then took the necessary hiatus to raise a family. This musical project would serve as a return to what she considers the “most authentic version” of herself. Then the pandemic happened. Ever the optimist though, she took the forced downtime as an opportunity to really focus on her newly re-requited love. She built a home studio and began writing. And outpouring of songs spilled onto the page. Lockdown proved to be a productive time for Mia, as she created and entire album aptly titled “Back To Me” (featuring a song of the same name). Much like the reignition of the passion she missed so much, the album itself mirrored her quest for self-love. The tracks of the album represent the...... Read more on Full Issue!

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