Wednesday December 1, 2021

By: Naiia Lajoie   You cannot spell “Golzar” without “Goal”, and such is the case when describing Dr. Tala Golzar – an Iranian-American model, television host, and commercial actress. The goal-oriented TV personality’s accomplishments quite literally go beyond just skin-deep; she is also a pharmacist practicing in Los Angeles, California. Tala graduated from Marshall B. Ketchum University with a doctorate degree in Pharmacy. Moreover, she holds two bachelorette degrees from the University of Los Angeles. Originally from Tehran, Iran, her unique ethnic appearance stems from her Russian heritage passed down through her mother, blended with the Iranian background provided by her father’s side. Being a multi-hyphenate and accomplished in academia, it goes without saying that she strives for excellence in all areas of life. She has a history of outstanding scholastic excellence and was the 2006 national mathematical Olympiad ranking 10th in her country. At the age of 18, Tala moved to California to pursue an education in graphic design. Soon after this endeavor however, she began a career in modeling by appearing in commercials for various companies. She became the face of the NS design for the 2009 collection for Versace. Continuing her success as a fashion model, Golzar was chosen as the leading model in a T-Mobile show filmed in Hollywood. Thereafter she became the hostess for a weekly TV show on the MTC international channel. Golzar had the honor of being the first judge to scrutinize short films during the LA Eagle Film Festival in 2015. She has been featured on many magazines covers as well as the cover of “Blood, Sweat and Oil,” a book written by Conrad Carrasco. Golzar has participated in LA Fashion Weeks for multiple years in a row. Having worked with top designers, she branched out on...... Read more on Full Issue!

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